Amigas sem censura.

Meu amigo @schimou resolveu abrir uma conta +18 no Insta pra postar umas sacanagens e começar uma marca. Segui na hora. Daí esses tempos vi essa foto, e resolvi me envolver pintando uns broches celebrando nossa amizade e essa bunda.

I've been following @schimou 18+ IG account @duococum, which is a trip (and a brand). So when I came across a pic of a recent sexcapade of his, I decided to paint some brooches out of it - to celebrate both my friend and this glorious ass.


Nas ultimas 2 semanas eu pintei em meu tempo livre (e umas horas durante o trabalho) e postei os progressos nas Stories do meu Insta. Agora terminei 9 broches, que estou vendendo por R$90. Se não vender todos na próxima semana, vou usar o que eu tiver na mão pra abrir uma lojinha no Etsy.

For the last 2 weeks I've been painting in my free time (and sometimes, at my day job) and posting the progress on my IG stories. I just finished 9 brooches, wich I'm selling via Instagram for $35 each. If I don't sell out in the next couple weeks, I'll use them to open an Etsy account.

Bong Guy


Demorei, mas terminei: o boy e o bong - Quiçá, mais bong que boy: caprichei no detalhe e saiu uma quase natureza morta, metade linhas metade pintura. Foi bom pra treinar umas técnicas.

This took me a while, but I'm happy with this - I especially love the glass bong, half drawing and half painting, almost like a still life. It's good practice for now.


Como a idéia era #420, depois de desenhar fui fazer fumaça no Photoshop e After Effects.

To give this guy some #420 jush, I built some smoke effects on Photoshop and After Effects.

Acima a imagem sem fumaça, com todos os detalhes - alguns deles emprestados dos mestres: crucifixo dOs Embaixadores do Holbein, panejamento de uma Santa Barbara de Memling.

Above is the smoke-free image. Some details are borrowed from my faves: the crucifix is from Holbein's Ambassadors, and the brocade is from Memling's St John Altarpiece.

#boldboy Fernando

DIY model

Fiz essa ilustra pros meninos da Bold Strap - estamos conversando e vendo no que posso ser útil. Desenhei metade no iPad, metade no PaintToolSai, com ajustes no Photoshop. A ideia foi uma imagem pra acompanhar texto de como lavar/cuidar/guardar suas jockstraps.

Conforme fomos falando e fui pegando as manhas do iPad, fiz duas figuras e um monte de jocks avulsas. Daí juntei tudo numa ilustração completa. O legal foi que nem usei todas as jockstraps, mas como fiz os elementos separados dá até pra reciclar em outros lances.

O boy do desenho é um de meus Sims, Fernando, feito no The Sims 4. Sempre que jogo to dando uns prints bafo pensando em transformar em ilustração, mas só animei a desenhar agora, direto no iPad. Claro que sai tudo quadrado e genérico, mas já é uma base boa. - TS4F01G.gif

DIY modelo, styling, cenário, iluminação, fotografia, direção de arte e ilustração, okay? - TS4F02.png - TS4F02G.gif

O desenho foi pro blog da Bold na sessão VIP - Bold Social Club, que é uma nova área do site onde fica o conteúdo que é barrado no Insta e diferente do shop. Fazendo o registro via email ou face, dá pra ver outtakes, boys, e todo um forum que tá começando por lá:

Bed Guy

a DIY Instagram Model

This is my second go at illustrating in iPad Pro - it's a portfolio piece for Bold Strap, a jockstrap/sex gear brand based in São Paulo. This is me trying to sell the idea of having art in their IG feed and making the most of the iPad as a drawing tool.

  Late May begginings. Some videos of the progress are filed in my  Instagram Stories .

Late May begginings. Some videos of the progress are filed in my Instagram Stories.

I made 3 versions of the guy: two wearing a jockstrap-thong in black and white, and one in the nude. The jocks are a new Bold design, coming out next month. The nakedness is for my own personal amusement. And yours. Click to enlarge:

The Tomcat Chronicles

So my good friend B gave me this book - he had just finished reading it and told me it was interesting because of the author’s involvement in the history of pre-Stonewall gay liberation movements.

B also said that the guy was part of the Mattachine Society, founded in the 60s, and that he knows Curtis Dewees, a former member who is still alive and living in São Paulo. That was cool, so I took up reading the story of a young man becoming a gay pioneer.

I told friends about these selling points, thinking it was gonna be sort of a documentary, but what I got was Jack traveling for a couple years and 200 pages, and when vacation was over he got a husband and then started working on his social crusade.

The story is about how Jack was handsome and was non-stop scoring in the 60s, and in 2017 it’s hard not to think that some shit in it would never fly today - especially when the idyllic hillbillies he loved so much are today's rednecks from Trump's America.

It was hard to suspend disbelief on this written world of beautiful people and Jack`s ability to score with whomever when I don’t think he was that good looking. 

If you think about it, Jack was just a plain white guy in the 60s fawning over studs and even himself. So it can get obnoxious when he paints himself as an intellectual and very different from the hillbillies that he fetishizes.

All the stud talk distracted me of the underlying plot of the Mattachine Society and its purpose - it flew over my head between all the hooking and "graceful prose". If my friend B put me in contact with the former member of the society in São Paulo, I wouldn't have anything to say or ask about it.

Through the very last pages I was like, “So the book is almost over and the guy didn’t talk much about his politics”. Then the book ends and the last page plugs his various essays and memoir. Maybe I’ll check them in the future.

I was sold on a “gay pioneer story” and didn’t get it because Jack is barely engaged with anything but cruising. It was only after finishing the book that I realized it was not that serious - both covers, the preface and even the author advertise it as a bunch of sex stories.

The point is - If you read for social studies it’s very underwhelming, but if you read it as pulp fiction, it’s good!

 I mean, just LOOK at the cover.

I mean, just LOOK at the cover.

The cover features Jack over a painting of a naked dude doing a yoga pose on a beach, which I understood after reading the credits. It's romance novel art, and kinda all over the place - was yoga big in the 60s? But once you start reading you’ll get its intention.

 As gay pulp fiction, this book it's not bad! The cover is, tho, but hat's what you get when you don't hire  Elaine Duillo .

As gay pulp fiction, this book it's not bad! The cover is, tho, but hat's what you get when you don't hire Elaine Duillo.

The vintage setting is cool - drinks at gay and lesbian bars that closed at 1 am, beehive hairstyles, the start of black lib and the first gay march, and even an inside scoop at a Nazi party. Lots of colorful images of the gay sixties are there.

Jack is a total top and bottoms once in the whole book. He sucks a lot of dick, tho. He says that in the sixties there was such a stigma with bottoming that the guys would gossip about them brownie queens, imagine that. At least he wasn't all #masc4masc about it.

The writing is tacky (it’s expected in this genre) and all the asses are "white perfectly round mountains", but through the fantasies about beach bodies there are some issues that we can relate to today, like renting shabby places with roommates and dealing/dating with guys on the DL who aren’t interested in openness or “fighting the good fight”.

Speaking of pulp, Jack goes meta and fashions himself as the one-arm hooker in Tennessee Williams’ One Arm. I tried to find its original cover but couldn’t, so I saw a match in this one until I realized that the guy does have both arms, they are just drawn funny. Oh well.

  This is the backcover and all the praise that got me mixed up about the content. And Jack’s questionable moustache.

This is the backcover and all the praise that got me mixed up about the content. And Jack’s questionable moustache.

Bottom line is, the book is kinda shallow in the social commentary department. I was pumped about activism and vintage queer issues and got too many pages of steamy stories. I don't know the author and I didn’t totally buy his embellished tale.

But if you just want vintage hot bottoms, go ahead, it's a rather quick and fun read, only the hotness factor is a bit tame by today’s standards. I read dirtier and more thrilling stories in Please Kill Me and Secret Historian, another gift from B that I highly recommend.


Woof! - bw pup.jpg

Ever since I saw this photo I felt like making a pup-themed brooch. So, to develop an original design I showed this to @jaspercolorado [whom I followed since I saw the Bound Leather Zine some months ago] and asked if he had something I could use. Didn't even ask if he had a puppy tail - he would. And he did! - @jaspercolorado.png

Rawr! Isn't he great? I choose this pic out of 3 to fit an horizontal oval - I wanted the brooch to mimic prize ribbons that reward good pups. After drafting a test piece, I decorated it with a matching ribbon and got this mood:

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Since it got cute, I painted 5 more. 4 pieces in, I changed the color scheme - the sand and black versions are my favorites. Here they are, in detail, all painted with watercolors in 3x4cm:

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October 20th: The brooches arrived in Jasper's hands and he loves it! He'll keep one and sell the 5 others - the proceeds are going to afford puppy gear for him. Get yours DMing @jaspercolorado


De 15 a 31 de Maio no Espaço Z, Resende - RJ

Abriu ontem dia 14 no Espaço Z em Resende a expo POP MIS, onde estou junto de 6 artistas da região levando 4 quadros. Fui convidado pela museóloga Ligia Azevedo, e passei na abertura pra dar um oi e uma olhada na mostra. O Espaço Z fica aberto de segunda a sexta até o dia 31 e a entrada é gratuita.

Acima, fotos da abertura por João Saboia a tarde, abaixo minhas Insta Stories a noite.