A Men's Erotic Art Show in Toronto's oldest LGBTQ bookstore.

17 gays take the Glad Day Bookshop for art show in Toronto, starting today. I know some of the artists and even collaborated with one once [Starrfucker, 2013]. Great guys - check the post below for tags.

The event takes place in Toronto's [and world's] oldest surviving LBGTQ bookstore - the Glad Day Bookshop. Check out their history here. I saw some pics on IG and other sources and I must say it looks fab. The art show happens in the gallery at the 3rd floor.

Pictures via BlogTO

These are photos of the gallery space on opening night. I've sent them 4 pieces: the Poppers fan, Fantasy fan and the FAG fan 1 & 2. The prices range from 80 to 120 CAN, and they'll be avaliable until August 27th both in person and via online store.