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Late 2018 I found @fundies_undies on IG and I liked it - theyre Netherlandish, LGBTQ, inclusive and green (and the products are really fun!). So as I did with Cacete Company, I slid into their DMs introducing myself and asking if they`d like some drawings. They offered me a deal, and this is what I came up with:

Mobile wallpapers for download - Just select and save the image.

I always think of making things that donโ€™t take forever to finish and also would look good on print, even if itโ€™s a shitty printer - cue clean silhouettes in black&white lineart. I donโ€™t fancy myself as a digital painter, after all. When it comes to selling ideas and stuff, I mostly stick to what Iโ€™m better at, wich is drawing.

Fundies is all about the LGBTQ community, so they asked me to draw a trans man. Since it was a deal (exchange of goods and services) and also a first (havenโ€™t had a specific request like this) I came up with a plan and some options - I combined two pictures of myself that didnโ€™t make the cut and stylied it with a underwear that is avaliable at their store.

Fundies has a lot of quirky and colorful items, but I chose these plain B/W briefs because they are recognizable and they come with and without the packer pouch. Itโ€™s all about the options, so I could draw and ask for input as I go, and end with multiple illustrations before arriving in what they like best. Here are some variations on the drawing:

Since it was made for Instagram, it wouldnโ€™t be just a drawing - itโ€™s best for it to be also content. Then thereโ€™s a design part: I thought about doing stuff that would look good on the feed and in the stories. After I finished the edits and Fundies picked what they liked, I fixed them a static version and matching gif of two separate illustrations:

The eyes are remixes of the Instagram sticker from Carra Skyes @carraskyes. It exists only on Instagram and it is really familiar, but the non LGBTQ folk may not clock the trans flag colors in the iris. Itโ€™s part of the queer pride sticker family, and it ties everything together. Here are the separate designs that make the gif: