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Ever since I saw this photo, I felt like making a pup-themed brooch. So, to develop an original design I showed this to @jaspercolorado [whom I followed since I saw the Bound Leather Zine some months ago] and asked if he had something I could use. Didn't even ask if he had a puppy tail - he would. And he did!

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Woof! Isn't he great? I choose this pic out of 3 to fit an horizontal oval - I wanted the brooch to mimic prize ribbons that reward good pups. After drafting a test piece, I decorated it with a matching ribbon and got this mood:

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Since it got cute, I painted 5 more. 4 pieces in, I changed the color scheme - the sand and black versions are my favorites. Here they are, in detail, all painted with watercolors in 3x4cm:

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Just sent the 6 pieces to NY, so this story will be updated after Jasper gets them. Waiting for his reaction to these, and also hoping they sell out - the proceeds are going to afford puppy gear for him.