From my sketchbook to your dressing table.

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This is a piece of my sketchbook - it's a page, see below. I'm not big on keeping sketchbooks, and my newest moleskine only have a few drawings in it, but they are quite nice so I've been thinking about putting the best pieces out there. So I'm studying how to frame and display them in cheap ways that somehow elevates the whole.

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Since I`ve worked the leap frogs, this is what I'm settling for at the moment. I'm also studying how to paint better with Prismacolors, so for starters I'm gonna draw two more versions of this very guy. If they're good, I'm gonna sell them.

As for themes, I'm thinking about recycling some older designs and making up new ones. The idea is always to upgrade it, so work in some lines, patterns and even real people - starting with friends and people I follow. I`ll let you know.