A Men's Erotic Art Show in Toronto's oldest LGBTQ bookstore.

17 gays take the Glad Day Bookshop for art show in Toronto, starting today. I know some of the artists and even collaborated with one once [Starrfucker, 2013]. Great guys - check the post below for tags.

The event takes place in Toronto's [and world's] oldest surviving LBGTQ bookstore - the Glad Day Bookshop. Check out their history here. I saw some pics on IG and other sources and I must say it looks fab. The art show happens in the gallery at the 3rd floor.

Pictures via BlogTO

These are photos of the gallery space on opening night. I've sent them 4 pieces: the Poppers fan, Fantasy fan and the FAG fan 1 & 2. The prices range from 80 to 120 CAN, and they'll be avaliable until August 27th both in person and via online store.

FAG FAN vol.1

Cigarettes are an important part of who I am.

Esse é o meu favorito dos 4 leques pra expo AMEN, que inaugura quinta dia 18 em Toronto - Canadá. O verso é branco e leva um carimbo do meu logo em preto.

Fab fan - this piece will be in the AMEN show, opening thursday 18th in Toronto - check for updates. Back is blank except for a black logo stamp.

Aprendi uns truques com essa pintura. Eu tinha feito um estudo no meu sketchbook, que deixei pra lá porque não consegui um efeito bom com as cores que tinha na mão. Daí faltou ânimo pra transferir pro leque. 

Fora que pra esse layout ficar legal eu teria que basear tudo em cores ao invés de linhas, tipo os anjos que copiei a um tempo atrás. Meu primeiro esboço foi meio um fail nesse sentido.

Me animei lendo as cartas de Van Gogh, que me deu altos toques quanto a teoria de cores. Enquanto lia eu comprei canetas novas, daí com a paleta aumentada e umas lições na cabeça eu me atrevi a tentar um novo take.

Reading Van Gogh's letters to Theo got me into color theory and excited me to try new techniques - painting with markers is not that different from watercolors, for example. One can work the same basis of mix and match to achieve similar effects. 

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Aqui embaixo o primeiro rascunho e a sequência pós livro. Antes todo em laranja e bege, meio morto, depois experimentando com amarelo, marrom e roxo em busca de novos tons. Levei pro leque os amarelos e o roxo, que misturados vão do laranja até cinza.

Here you can see the first draft and a second one, post reading. Before I had only some oranges and beiges which didn't really match, but after I got new colors and tried new techniques I got bold with yellow and purple and worked it out on the fan.

Empolgado com o as cartas, recomendei o livro por escrito pra uns amigos - e no clima da troca entre Theo e Vincent, mandei os esboços pra um deles que está experimentando com pintura, Talvez isso o incentive.

I reviewed the book for some friends by writing some letters myself  - I saw it fitting in this context. I also sent these sketches to one of them, who is an artist and is experimenting with painting, trying to get him into it. 

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Changing moods.

This is another piece for the Toronto AMEN show next month. What started as a beefcake inspired piece changed to a colorful fantasy. The overall piece is a nod to and an upgrade of the first fans wich had a "tropical" vibe.

I must say drawing and painting this on the fan was a bit challening because of the number of elements and level of detail I added after the initial sketch, and tho it isn't my finest work, Nonetheless, it`s a step forward in the fan series.