Léal souvenir.

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This is a comissioned portrait for one lover to another. Pictured is Guilherme Marinheiro, who'll leave Brazil to study abroad. This will be a farewell gift and souvenir for his husband & home.

Once I got Guilherme's request I told him about the Bronzino painting from Cosimo de Medici as Orpheus, a gift to his wife out of romance and possibly horniness. Bottom line, this is a Renaissance dick pic, and it it as good as one can get. I thought about fitting in this tradition.

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Guided by Cosimo and Guilherme's feelings, I built a fantasy: "Marinheiro" is Portuguese for "sailor", so he got a costume and a boat. And since his destination is Switzerland, the boat is on a lake instead of the sea. Doesn't matter if he's coming or leaving, the figure is relaxed and peaceful - he is in love and the waters are calm. 

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I took breaks between drawing and painting because I wanted it to look vintage, so I did everything slowly to weather the paper a little bit. I painted in beige tones and no ink, because sharp black lines would change the delicate mood I was going for. Guilherme liked for now, so I think it worked. Waiting for his feedback after he gets it.