A quick backstory about IZM &

Over the years I've tried to work a la Rachel Zoe wearing my illustrator hat, my designer hat and my blogger hat to put my talents on the service of making some money. Btw, I'm wearing the last one while I write this post.

For the last 8 years I lived in São Paulo, biggest city in Brazil, and for the last 4 I've worked on advertisement and online media. Though I never really stopped drawing [since it's what I do well], illustration was never my main source of income. I thought people who get paid to do what they love were lucky.

Guess I didn't really enjoy working as a designer to make a living - it's exhausting and keeps me away from my beloved drawings. And since I had to work 10 hours/day, I didn't have much time to draw, anyways. I spent most of my free time within social & party schedules, with little to no time to focus on that.

Plus, while my illustrations looks great in print [I've got published here and there over the years], I couldn't get onto exhibitions or get many coins as a printmaker. I also spent 2 years without a phone and it kinda difficulted raising awareness to my work, because I couldn't work promote myself.

I don't know if I sound negative or God forbid, ungrateful, swear I'm not. I've learned a lot about design, crafts and myself and made friends with awesome and inspiring people. I've always thought that you can't call yourself an artist if you don't earn your living by it, and you can't make art if you have no time to do so. 

I'm getting a break and I'm living with my family again. Now I don't have to get a regular job, so I figure it's time to put everything I've learned on Go-Guy Express and get to make stuff out of it. I've got time. I really want to pimp my art in any way that I can come up with. This entry shows a bit of what I can do and what I want to do.

While everybody knows the printed press is big on Photoshop, the image making is especially fake in the online media. I've learned a lot making images from the scratch and getting skills to use on my own projects in my time as a graphic designer. 

I set all the pictures for by both using stock pictures or illustrating everything from zero. It's a good exercise because it expands my portfolio and helps me displaying not only the pretty pictures, but the different crafts that goes into them.

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That's when the different hats come handy - Last year I came up with the circle star logo featuring Paul, which I drew more than twice. Before that I elaborated the Go-Guy Express type, which dates from 4 years ago.

I think these held out really well over time - they go with everything! Take the rusty pictures for example, they look really good. I also comissioned stamps to decorate letters and packages, love this retro feeling.

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A photo posted by IZM SANMA (@izmsanma) on

Of course, the "fake till' you make it" works great in digital advertisement, but making these products real can be a bit tricky. Sometimes you just don't have the cash, materials or people to assemble them as you wish. 

Truth be told, I wasn't using the stamps until recently: this week I shipped my first order of tees and stickers. I'm going slowly because I'm in a small city and we don't have many resources here. I'm trying to do my best to work my visions within these limits. 

Another thing I need to work on is my language - While I want to expand as an artist and make a brand out of this work, I don't want to sound pretentious or Miss Fame-y everything while I'm still growing. For now, I think just keeping it real will do.

Also, I've heard and agree that people don't care about brand stories, they care about their story. While I'm not exactly a relatable person, just writing as a real self opens oportunities for conversations. Once engaged, we are part of each other's lives.

And since I moved cities and I'm meeting new people, this is very important. I figured it would be good to tell some bits of it, so people can see where I come from. I'm already meeting interesting people, so I can't wait to discover new possibilities with them.

So, that's my diary for now. Hope you enjoyed it. Back to the main theme - scroll down for my best images via Instagram and be sure to check the LOGOMANIA & XXX galleries for high quality pics of the complete series.

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A photo posted by IZM SANMA (@izmsanma) on

A photo posted by IZM SANMA (@izmsanma) on

A photo posted by IZM SANMA (@izmsanma) on

A photo posted by IZM SANMA (@izmsanma) on

Shout out to Chris Spooner's blog, where I got these textures, plus, tips on the making. Stamp templates via Graphic Burger & folded paper mockup via Pixeden