Patrick Nagel


Todos a bordo!

Assinei dois marinheiros para a Fantastika Sailors do dia 30 na Astro Club - PoA. A figura do homem é derivada da arte Patrick e a mulher segue o estilo. Layouts por Pablo Nob. Depois linko as fotos da festa, espero que fiquem ótimas.

Detalhes pra notar: o tapa-olho do guy e o brinco da girl são o "A" do logo da festa. They're branded. E sou eu, ou comparando com a arte à mão essas versões digitais ficaram animescas? Pensei Daft Punk e acho que combina.


Nagel-ing. - PATRICK MBL.png

"PATRICK" 20x30cm, painted with ink & Prismacolors PM-6, 18, 43, 53, 72, 102, 134, 143 & 168.

I wasn't big on Patrick Nagel until my friend Moura sent me a bunch of images while we talked about tattoo designs. This was about two weeks ago. Since then I browsed a lot and educated myself, and now I can say I love his work.

I've been compared to him before but didn't invest in looking at his art because I found it too daunting - the most famous pictures are of girls [the "Nagel women"] and at first they all "look the same". Took some time to really appreciate his style and dig into his archive.

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I stumbled upon one of his man's portraits and found it absolutely beautiful. He's half Apolo, half Adam and a bit of American gentleman. Nagel had a great eye for composition, a skill I wanna improve on. So I set on getting to know his style by copying this face.

Images via Patrick Nagel Forum

Believe it or not, all of Nagel's paintings and prints are hand drawn. He excels at simplifying lines and shapes, as modern designers do. I borrowed this face and a mirror design to make a navy inspired scene. It's not much, but I like it. As I can, not as I would - this I borrowed from Van Eyck.

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One thing I learned with all this - it's very hard to make a Nagel-style drawing, painting or whatever look stylish. I saw tons of copies and inspired art but they rarely got the flair of the originals - you can't get style if you have no taste. That goes for muses and artists likewise.