Bong Guy


Demorei, mas terminei: o boy e o bong - Quiçá, mais bong que boy: caprichei no detalhe e saiu uma quase natureza morta, metade linhas metade pintura. Foi bom pra treinar umas técnicas.

This took me a while, but I'm happy with this - I especially love the glass bong, half drawing and half painting, almost like a still life. It's good practice for now.


Como a idéia era #420, depois de desenhar fui fazer fumaça no Photoshop e After Effects.

To give this guy some #420 jush, I built some smoke effects on Photoshop and After Effects.

Acima a imagem sem fumaça, com todos os detalhes - alguns deles emprestados dos mestres: crucifixo dOs Embaixadores do Holbein, panejamento de uma Santa Barbara de Memling.

Above is the smoke-free image. Some details are borrowed from my faves: the crucifix is from Holbein's Ambassadors, and the brocade is from Memling's St John Altarpiece.

Bed Guy

a DIY Instagram Model

This is my second go at illustrating in iPad Pro - it's a portfolio piece for Bold Strap, a jockstrap/sex gear brand based in São Paulo. This is me trying to sell the idea of having art in their IG feed and making the most of the iPad as a drawing tool.

Late May begginings. Some videos of the progress are filed in my  Instagram Stories .

Late May begginings. Some videos of the progress are filed in my Instagram Stories.

I made 3 versions of the guy: two wearing a jockstrap-thong in black and white, and one in the nude. The jocks are a new Bold design, coming out next month. The nakedness is for my own personal amusement. And yours. Click to enlarge: